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Norton 5th Grade Beginning Band


2019 Fifth Grade Band

We are officially two weeks a way from our "First Performance"!.  Parents please take note of this. Concerts are a mandatory part of the class and also the "funnest" part of the class!  Thursday, March 14th at the Norton High School Performing Arts Center(this was a change of site from earlier schedule)
Students report to warmup on stage at 6:00 pm. The doors open to auditorium at 6:35.  There will be a cookie and punch reception in Arts Wing Rotunda  while you wait. (kids get theirs after they play.)
We are at the point where some kids may get frustrated if certain things are not happening quickly enough. Please encourage them to keep trying.  Ask if they brought home their instrument.  Have them practice going over exercises I assign for about 15-20 minutes each night. Not a lot of time but consistent daily playing will build muscle memory. 
See you on the 14th!! 
(The following is in a handout that students received the first week. It also includes a calendar through May) 

Students and Parents of the 2019 NMS Fifth Grade Beginning Band,

WELCOME!  Looking forward to a great semester of new experiences and discovering hidden talents!  A few items to get us moving on the right foot:

REMIND!  - This communication tool is how we will be letting you know of schedule changes, concert reminders, etc.  If you are not signed up yet it is easy to do! To get a text, simply text this message: @5nortband to this number: 81010. If you would like an email: send a message to:   There is an app, but it is not necessary.  With the app, you will see all old messages as well as be able to text me directly through the app and I can also send you a direct message through the app.

NORTON SCHOOLS WEBSITE:  Go to the Middle School Page and look for Norton Bands on left side.  All info sent home will be posted there as well.

PRACTICE HELP:  Please help get your students into a routine. Start small. 10 or 15 min. each day. Make sure they have a quiet place if possible.  Have them practice what we did in class that week.  They will sound “interesting” at first. Be encouraging. We all crawled before we walked. They will get there!!

BOOKS: Make sure they have a “Tradition of Excellence” Book 1 for their instrument.  Put their names on the outer cover and inside.

STORAGE: At home, please make sure they store their instrument in a warm place. Not too hot or too cold. Temperature does affect the instruments. (don’t leave in car in winter).  At school we have storage shelves for each instrument in the band room area.  Students can drop off in the morning and grab as they leave.  On days where they do not bring it home (rare days), they can store it there overnight. If they fit, they can also store in their locker.

PRIVATE LESSONS: Always a good idea as they start out. If you think you may be interested, we have a list of teachers. Just ask.  The Norton Music Boosters pay for $7 of each lesson. (Average lesson costs range from ($12-$25 per half hour, depending on teacher).

If you ever have any questions, please ask.  Call: 330-825-5607, ext. 532609. Email:, or use REMIND(quickest response).

Musically yours,    
Mr. Kaufman 

Some frequently asked questions:

Can my child be in band if they are already in Choir?

YES. Band and choir will meet at different times.

Can I buy instead of rent?

YES. We suggest renting first during 5th grade to get an idea of how your child will do, but ultimately that is your choice.

Can my child be involved in sports?

YES. Band is only during school. There will only be a couple evening concerts. Students continue doing band and other sports all the way through High School with minimal conflict.

Does learning an instrument really enhance my child’s other learning?

YES!! Studies have shown that those students studying an instrument consistently scored higher on achievement tests and other forms of evaluation than those students who were not involved in band.


Private Lessons:

Families ask about private lessons often and students are encouraged to take lessons if they have the opportunity. Private lessons are sessions with a more experienced player that allows them to address specific concepts of their instrument in a one on one environment. During the early years of playing it is common for students to work with advanced high school students. If you would like more advanced instruction, we have a list of private teachers.  If you go that route, $7 of each weekly, half-hour lesson is covered by the Norton Music Boosters.  If you are interested, especially during the summer months please contact us.


Mr. Chiera 330 825-7277

Mr. Kaufman 330 825-5607 ext 532609