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Guiding Documents for Reopening of School

Norton City Schools continues to work with and through the Ohio Department of Education, The Ohio Department of Health, and the Summit County Health Department as we look to reopen our school district this fall. Here are two guiding documents provided by the organizations to help districts meet the needs of their school communities. These are not our official plans, but they are guiding documents that all Ohio schools are using as valuable resources.

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Posted Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Norton City Schools, Reopening Update, June 2020

Norton Families, please see important items below that are related to our reopening work and planning that is currently occurring.  

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Posted Friday, June 26, 2020

Congratulations Class of 2024!

Students of the Class of 2024,
This was not the end to the school year anyone expected, but it was unique and memorable...just like you. We are sorry you did not get the proper NMS farewell you deserved. However, we wanted to do something for you, so we made a  Class of 2024 Tribute Video. Good luck during the next 4 years at high school. You will do great things. You may be moving on, but We STILL Roar Together

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Posted Friday, June 12, 2020

Summer Guidance

Summer is here! Don’t let those reading and math skills begin to slip. Below, you will find guidance for each grade level about expectations for incoming students. No pressure, just want to provide guidance on what skills to practice this summer.

Incoming 1st graders

Incoming 2nd graders

Incoming 3rd graders

Incoming 4th graders

Also, view informational videos for 5th graders transitioning to middle school.

Transitioning 5th graders (coming soon)

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Posted Thursday, June 4, 2020

Congratulations 4th Graders

The graduating class of 2028 began their elementary careers as dreamers. Only soon after to become surveyors, navigators, and explorers. Ultimately, this expedition of learning led them to their last trek...becoming pioneers of remote learning. This group of students embarked on an adventure of their lifetime when they entered Norton Elementary School. Starting their 2nd grade year at a new building, these students learned what the phrase “Welcome Home” meant. This phrase showed the class that their school home was full of new friendly faces belonging to their peers, teachers, aides, staff members, and principals with whom they would soon form long lasting bonds. In third grade, this blossoming group learned how to “Protect the Pride.” They understood that there were many ways, big and small, to positively impact their school community in order to make it stronger. Finally, their fourth grade year came. Strength, warmth and unity were preached during “We Roar. Together.” days. These lessons revolved around building leadership traits such as collaboration, perseverance, and resiliency. These characteristics were certainly put to the test during the final phase of their elementary education. The students were unexpectedly thrown into the unchartered waters of remote learning. During this time, they experienced frustration and relief, disappointment and excitement, solitude and connectedness, failures and successes; but above all, patience and resolve. These valuable skills will help the class of 2028 overcome hardships they will inevitably face as they enter middle school and throughout their lives. We are proud of the journey this class of students endured and trust that they will continue to be trailblazers who lift and encourage those around them. Always remember WE WELCOME, PROTECT, and ROAR TOGETHER.  

4th Grade Video Link - View a video of our 4th graders this year prepared by the Beres Family 
List of Students:Sheleeona Ady, Madison Ambrose, Dominic Armbrust, Liam Banks, Aiden Barnes, Lauren Beres, Logan Bergstrom, Evan Berringer, Elliot Blackert, Caitlyn Bonacorsi, Brooklyn Bowman, Chase Bowman, Alexis Brady, Sophia Breen, Breana Briggs, Caleb Brinkman, Ava Brooks, Grace Buck, Lillian Burkey, Katelynn Burns, Ava Butcher, Charles Butterbaugh, Keith Butterbaugh, Sadie Carpenter, Mirella Chester, Deacon Cikity, Anna Collins, Mia Colwell, Jacob Cox, Stefan Cupac, Matthew Datlenko, Donald Dial, Dimarko Dial, Trevor Dimit, Stefan Djuric, Addison Dobbins, Jayden Dodson, Bella Dutton, Michael Dutton, Mason Eggeman, Tyler Ehrler, Olivia Ekpenyong, Morgan Farmer, Hayden Ford, Jaxon Ford, Lauren Fowler, Leland Frye, Jaxon Fuller, Autumn Gatten, Abby Gerber, Noah Gergon, Anberlin Gess, Robert Goler, Jude Groves, Braden Gunter, Alyssa Haarlammert, Jazzalyn Hamilton, Katie Hammond, Travis Hanshaw, Anderson Hardy, Dawson Harris, Kaelum Hart, Ryder Hartzell, Austin Harvey, Lillian Harvey, Noah Heffelman, Leiah Henderson, Morris Hicks, Cayli Higgins, Tess Hite, Caden Hochstrasser, Dwight Hodges, Logan Horne, Garrin Horning, Joeii Hunter, Matthew Hymes, Karter Ison, Evelyn Johnson, Jackson Juhasz, Rylan Kiss, Khloe Kline, Lincoln Knight, Blake Kollar, Emalee Konjovic, Natlie Kovein, Destin Lafever, Lillian Laggan, Peyton LaMonica, Brendan Lewis, Pressly Lichtenberger, Payton Liddy, Xavier Lopez, Kelly Low, Sergio Maiorana, Natalie Martell, Audriana Massie, Aiden Matheny, Madeleine Mathlage, Mairin Mattei, Madison McKeown, Mason McMorrow, Alyssa Meyers, Ethan Miller, Anthony Mognet, Jayden Morgan, Phoebe Mulligan, Aiden Musgrave, Madison Needs, Ezra Neidlinger, Sophia Neilsen, Deanna Norman, Kegan Nutter, Danielle Oliver, Parker Oneacre, Leland Pallardy, Zavier Penny, Frankie Pierce, Brayden Porter, Brooklyn Pressley, Lillian Racher, Kaiden Rakic, Alexis Rang, Allison Rang, Vernon Reynolds, Roselynn Ricosky, Lylianna Robinson, Alexis Rose, Bailey Ross, Colton Rush, Tyler Ruther, Cameron Rutter, Carson Sams, Jeremiah Saunders, Mika Schenkenberger, Riley Seladoki, Lillyana Sheets, Colton Shipe, Kinsley Shockey, Ashlyn Shook, Alannah Shook, Brooklyn Shortridge, Kevin Shuttleworth, Gabrielle Silverstein, Michael Sine, Ashanti Sisouphanh, Franklin Sisson, John Sisson, Paige Smelser, Joseph Smith, Elayna Stephens, Caydence Strauss, Braden Tarry, Aiden Taylor, Samuel Thomas, Ian Tresidder, Avry Turner, Hunter Ule, Ryker VanKooten, Cole Vasilev, Kayden Volk, Fiona Vujas, Landon Wallace, Clesson Watson, Kaelyn Westfall, Aaden Weyrick, Ashton Wheeler, Ava Wheeler, Abigail White, Samuel White, Trenton Widder, Xander Wilhelm, Joshua Williams, Menleigh Williams, Samuel Wilson, Alexander Wooley, Branson Wright, Nettie Yerkey, Lucas Zollinger  
Presidential Award of Excellence Recipients - This award recognizes academic success in the classroom. To be eligible, students mjust meet requirements, including earning "all A's" during the 4th grade year and teacher recommendations. 
2019-2020 Recipients:Leiah Henderson, Elayna Stephens, Caydence Straus, Kinsley Shockey, Addison Dobbins, Jude Groves, Natalie Martell, Jeremiah Saunders, Xander Wilhelm, Braden Gunter, Caden Hochstrasser 
Presidential Award of Achievement Recipients - This award recognizes students who show outstanding educational growth, improvement, committment to or intellectual development to or intellectual development in their academic subjects.
2019-2020 Recipients:Lauren Fowler, Khloe Kline, Olivia Ekpenyong, Matthew Hymes, Ian Tresidder, Sergio Maiorana, Hunter Ule, Liam Banks, Ava Butcher, Cayli Higgins, Lilly Burkey

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Posted Monday, June 1, 2020

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