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                Ms. Campbell
                   Visual Arts  1st-4th          
  My email:  [email protected]    
                  330-825-3828 Ext- 532432
Norton Elementary School
3390 Cleveland-Massillon Road
Norton, Ohio 44203
Mr. Brady Sackett - [email protected]
Welcome to NES-Norton Elementary School Arts
Well , We are one happy family, all 3 schools in one. NES has 1st-4th Grade. And  we sure are a BIG family . I look forward to this challenge of so many old and new faces of Creative kids to work with.   We are focusing on improving our drawing skills (NO stick figure people) and using our art elements-Line, shape, color, texture, value and space to help us become creative kids.  We will also be drawing and cutting BIG and small and really improving our craftsmanship skills. 
What is craftsmanship?? When we care about our work and show our Panther Pride!!!
Putting our name on our work, coloring neatly and in one direction. We will also learn about different time periods in Art and different cultures and how they used art to express themselves. Art is a visual language that everyone can communicate with. We will experiment with different art media, Paint, Chalk, Crayons, Clay, Color pencil, Ink and Recycle and Repurpose items to help our Earth. I challenge you all to find time at home to CREATE and use your talents. Practice and you will become a great Artist one day. 
Ms. Campbell is a life long learner and I create and try to improve my art skills everyday and really enjoy sharing my  passion for art.  I hope we have a great year!