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*******Weekly Classroom News*******

News for the week of:
September 24, 2018 
                                         Our Grandparent Day is Tuesday!!  We can't wait to see our special guests!
Language Arts:
  This week the students will be reading a new story titled, A Walk in the Desert.   Throughout the week they will also be learning about different biomes around the world.  We will be studying the different kinds of plants and animals that can survive in these habitats.  The children will be working in small groups to read nonfiction texts about those various biomes. Then they will be creating an informational poster that will help their group teach that biome to the class.  This project will help us connect reading with science enabling students to make real life connections to their learning.  Continue to work on weekly spelling patterns.
 We will continue our work on learning and practicing various math strategies.  The students will work on combinations of ten, doubles facts, and near doubles fact strategy.  We have also been working on adding multidigit problems and discussing how arrays can help solve simple multiplication facts. 
Social Studies/Science:
 We are close to finishing up our first 2 units in social studies that focused on where we live and map skills.  All map projects were sent home a week ago and are due on October 1st.  If you have any questions about the project or are in need of supplies, let me know.
 Book Buddies:
                                                   The students have been spending time working with their book buddies learning about John Chapman, also known as Johnny Appleseed.  They have been rotating through several centers that focus on timelines, comparing/contrasting, apple measuring/weighing, reading and comprehension, and a craft.  We will culminate this unit on Friday with an apple celebration.  Thank you for your donations for this celebration!
Our special schedule :
Monday- Art
Tuesday- Music
Wednesday- Achievement
Thursday- Gym
Friday- Enrichment