Norton City Schools

4th Quarter Report Cards & Grading

One of the biggest challenges for schools during remote learning is the ability to assess accurately student’s learning and to calculate accurate grades. With many families using hard copy packets, limitations to technology, facing family illness and abiding by safety restrictions we have decided on the following grading plan for the fourth quarter:

 All students will receive a grade of PASS or INCOMPLETE in the areas associated with math, science, social studies and language arts.   If a teacher determines that a student has engaged in the majority of assignments while at home, the student will receive a grade of PASS.

If a teacher does not have evidence that a student participated in assignments during the remote learning time or the work turned in was incomplete the student will receive a grade of incomplete.

We understand that with nearly 800 students there is a wide range of student engagement. Teachers have attempted through phone calls, text apps, google classroom, online meetings, home visits and other methods to engage families.  We need to have evidence that learning occurred during these 9 weeks. After the May 22 due date, work may still be completed for a grade adjustment, but those adjustments will be made in August.  Students who complete assignments during June, July and August may turn them in for credit and an adjustment will be made to your child’s report card/school transcript in August. 

8th grade students taking HS Algebra and HS Health will receive letter grades for these two classes.  

Grades for art, music, and physical education will not be provided for the 4th quarter. 

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