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7th Grade Weekly Updates

7th Grade Weekly Updates

General Announcements:


Language Arts


Mrs. Bruce

Mrs Bruce/Mrs. Carpenter/Mr. Pritchard

Mrs. Majewski 



Mrs. Butcher

* Working on designing and building kites this week! 

Mr. Davis/Ms. Hilliard

 * Working on designing and building kites this week!



Mrs. Kane

Week of May 20: Students will continue their study of animal body systems with frog dissections this week. This is a great hands on way to look at some of the body systems we have studied. I will team up students so that no one will have to perform any parts of the procedure with which they are not comfortable.

They are also finishing their ABC brainstorms.

Mr. Kovick

World History


Mrs. Majewski

Mr. Rymer

5/1-2  Chapter 33 Activity

5/3 Notes on Exploration

5/6-7  Review for Year Overview Test 

5/8-9 Year Overview Test

5-10 Notes on Exploration

5/13-14 Notes on Exploation - quick presentaion developmnet

5/15-16  Notes, Review

5/17 Presentations

5/20-21  Test Exploation  Start notes on Islam

5/22-23 Ch 22 Contributions of Islam

 5/24 Finish notes on Islam

5/28-29  Test Isalm start China Activity

5-30 Last Day


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