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7th Grade Weekly Updates

7th Grade Weekly Updates

General Announcements:

* WASHINGTON DC - forms and payments still being accepted! Click here to find information. (scroll down a little)

* Weeks 4 - 6 of Remote Learning starts Tuesday, April 14th. Students - check your Norton Gmail account and Google Classrooms.

* Click here for more information about Remote Learning for middle schoolers


Language Arts

Mrs. Bruce-(Click on my name for weekly updates!)

Mrs. Carpenter/ Mr. Pritchard

Visit Google Classroom to check on your class assignments. 

 Mrs Majewski




Mrs. Butcher 

      Math Check our Google Classroom for online learning

      Pre-Algebra: Check our Google Classroom for online learning

Mr. Davis

    Math:  Check our Google Classroom for online learning

 Mrs. Flynn
March 16- April 13 
While we are off, students will be asked to complete review assignments posted on my 7th grade math google classroom. All students are currently enrolled in my google classroom. These review activities include scootpad, edulastic, and flocabulary/brain pop. If you are unable to complete online assignments, there will be copied materials available for pick up. Reach out through email if you have any questions.
Thank you so much for everything that you are doing to help your student be successful during this time! Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions that you may have - 
Diretions for students to sign into their google accounts: 
2) Click on the blue "sign in" button in the top right corner of their screen
3) username: first letter first name last name [email protected]
 password: 00lunchcode 
Scootpad Login information
2) user id: first letter first name last name 25
3) password: lunch code (NO ZEROS!)



Mrs. Kane

Mr. Kovick


World History


Mrs. Majewski

Mr. Rymer

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