Norton City Schools

5th Grade Behavior Plan

Fifth Grade Behavior Plan

Our goal is for your child to develop self-discipline, responsibility, and respect.


 Come in quietly and work at your desk.

 Have all supplies and be ready to work.

 Have ALL assignments completed and turned in on time.

 Raise your hand and wait to be called on before talking.

Follow directions given by all teachers.

Be courteous and respectful to others.

 No gum.

Electronic devices should not be in classrooms unless requested by a teacher.


This year we will be implementing a banking system to reward students for good behavior and completing homework. Each child will be responsible for a checkbook. Each week students can earn $25 for good behavior and $25 for completing all homework assignments. For each rule broken, students will be penalized in increments of $5 per violation. There will be opportunities for bonuses in increments of $5 as well for any behaviors that go above and beyond what is expected. In addition, if homework is not completed, students may be required to attend Second Chance during lunch and recess or serve an after-school detention. (PARENTS: You will know that your child did not complete homework when there is an assignment circled and initialed in his/her planner. If your child is issued a detention, you will receive a phone call.) Banking will be checked each Friday to determine checkbook balances. Students may purchase a ticket to the party that is held at the end of each grading period if they have a sufficient balance in their account.


The 5th Grade Team