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5th Grade Weekly Updates

Welcome to 5th Grade!

Mrs. Barker: Social Studies and Keyboarding 2018/2019

Social Studies:  I was out on Thursday and Friday with the terrible flu that is going around.  For this reason I am pushing the Quest back to Thursday for "A" day students and Friday for "B" day students.  We are reviewing on Monday and Tuesday.  The Quest will be open book.
Keyboarding:  We are continuing to use  This program allows students to work at their own pace and continue to become more confident in thier typing skills. 
Week of 2/18
Mrs. Dean
 Week of April 8
 I am starting something new this semester with my first and second period language arts class. From now on you will see assignments for that class (LA1-2) and assignments for my third and fourth period class and my seventh and eigth period class (LA 3-4 & LA 7-8) listed separately. If you are unsure of your child's class, please ask. 
LA 1-2
This week we will continue reading The City of Ember. We will be focusing on answering comprehension questions using evidence from the text, prepositions, inferring, point of view, perspective, main idea, theme, text structure, figurative language, testing vocabulary, and predicting. Please read fifteen minutes and study spelling words and definitions every night.
 Tuesday, April 9 - Practice AIR Test
 Friday, April 12 - Spelling and definitions tests chapters 13-16
Monday, April 15 - No school  
Tuesday,  April 16 - ELA AIR Test
LA 3-4 & LA 7-8 
This week we will be reviewing skills for the AIR Test. We will be focusing on point of view, perspective, theme, main idea, text structure, figurative language, and testing vocabulary.  There will be no spelling test this week. Please read 15 minutes every night.
 Tuesday, April, 9 - Practice AIR Test
  Monday, April 15 - No school
Tuesday,  April 16 - ELA AIR Test
Mrs. Flynn
*Week of April 15, 2019*

Hope everyone had a great and relaxing weekend.
Monday 4/15: No school for fifth graders!
Tuesday 4/16: ELA testing 
Wednesday 4/17: Review worksheet DUE - QUIZ GRADE! Review/AIR prep
Thursday 4/18: Review/AIR prep
Friday 4/19: Review/AIR prep
Your student will have their Everyday Math computer login information taped into the front of their planner. Your student also has their Moby Max login information taped into the front of their planner. This is a resource we are using in class weekly and your student would benefit from continuing program usage at home. 
Please be practicing your math facts - especially division -  at home as often as possible.  
 Image result for cute science picture
We are starting our unit on Motion and Forces. This unit will be slightly math heavy as we will be doing speed, time, and distance calculations. Please work with your students on these tasks as they come home.  Please KEEP notes and vocabulary doodles in your student's folders, they will need them for the entire duration of our unit and will turn them into me at the end. Thanks! 
B Class Forces and Motion Test will be Wednesday, April 17
We will be spending the next few classes preparing for the upcoming science AIR test!  
Mrs. Heston     
Period 3/4 and 7/8 Connected Math

We will be preparing for our upcoming state test over the next few weeks in April.  We will be reviewing skills, building on prior knowledge, and learning new skills.  Students should still expect homework each night and they will also be assessed on their skills throughout the week with small assessments.  This month it is especially important that all students are well rested and eating a well balanced diet.

5th Grade State Math Test: Monday, April 29th

*All 5th graders will take the math test this date, including the advanced classes taking a different level test.*

We will begin our last book of the year Data About Us beginning in May.


Keep in touch if you have any questions or concerns!

Mrs. Lockwood
Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year!
We are now into our Space Unit. All students have received their new Space books.
Upcoming Dates:
Please check your student's planner nightly for homework assignments. 
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 Invasive Species Matching Game
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 If you have any questions, comments or concerns please don't hesitate to contact me! 

Mrs. Kutschbach

Weekly updates for 4/23-4/25

State Project graphic organizer due Tuesday, April 23rd 

Science Air Testing Friday, April 26th

State Report and Slides are due Thursday, May 17th 


Mrs. Tassone Week of Feb. 25

 We will be finsihing Unit 6.  There will be a unit 6 vocab quiz on Wed, Feb. 27. The unit 6 test will be Thursday, Feb. 28 and Friday, March 1.   Students are also receiving a weekly review every Monday that is due that week on Friday.  These will be collected and graded.  

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