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5th Grade Weekly Updates

Welcome to 5th Grade!

Mrs. Barker: Social Studies 2019-2020

Week of 03/08/2020
This week we will begin our unit on Canada.  The vocabulary foldables are due for "A" day students on Wednesday and "B" day students on Thursday.  This will be the last grade I enter this grading period.  The grading period ends on Thursday.  If your child is missing any assignments for me, they need to be in by Thursday.  I can not take them any later.  I met with each student individually this week to show them their current grade in my classs and let them know if they have any missing assignments.   
Please feel free to contact me at any time.  The best way to get a fast response is through my email: [email protected]
Mrs. Dean
 Week of March 9
 Periods 1,2,3, 4 and 7 and 8
This week we will be reading The Ch'i-lin Purse. We will be focusing on comparing, story structure, Greek and Latin roots, and verbs. We will also be writing a five paragraph persuasive essay. The students will also be required to give a speech to try and persuade us to believe their point of view. There will be no spelling test this week, but new words for the March 20th test were passed out. Please read 15 minutes and study spelling words each night.
 Wednesday - March 11 typed final copy of persuasive essay due
  Battle of the Books letters went home with students interested in participating in this event. Ask your child about it. If they want to participate, please sign and return the bottom portion of the letter. I have copies of the three books they need to read. In May we will have a competition to see which team can correctly answer the most questions about the books. This is a fun event for the fifth graders. I hope to see many of my students participate.
Mrs. Heston     
Math + Period 1/2 Connected Math

We have started our new book Covering and Surrounding!  This book is about understanding measurement of polygonal surfaces and three-dimensional objects.  The goal of this book is to develop an understanding of what it means to measure area, perimeter, surface area, and volume.  They will develop strategies for finding area and perimeter of rectangular and non-rectangular shapes. They will then extend their understanding to include three-dimensional objects.



Upcoming tests and quizzes are listed below.  Make sure your child is studying at home!


Final Test: Friday, January 17th

*All dates are subject to change and will be updated on the website*

Keep in touch if you have any questions or concerns!


Mrs. Heston

Math Period 3/4 & 7/8 Everyday Math  

We have started Unit 4 in our math journals!  In this unit, students will extend their understanding of the base-10 place-value system to include decimals.  They will read, write, and represent decimals through thousandths in a variety of ways and learn strategies to compare, order and round decimals.  Students will also be introduced to the first quadrant of the coordinate grid. Finally, they will apply whole-number algorithms (steps to solve the problem) to add and subtract decimals.

Math Journal should remain at school unless a student is absent and has makeup work to complete.  Students cannot participate in math class if they do not have their journals at school. All worksheets and graded homework should stay in their math folder until we clean them out together as a class at the end of a unit.  Please do not clean out your child’s folder at home.


Please make sure you are checking with your child about their homework which should be written daily in their planner. 


Upcoming tests and quizzes are listed below:


Quiz 4-11 to 4-14: Monday, January 13th

*All dates are subject to change and will be updated on the website*

Mrs. Kutschbach

Weekly updates for 3/9-3/12

Flashcards due-Wednesday, March 11th

Spelling and Definitions test-Thursday, March 12th


Our 7th classroom novel will be Three Times Lucky.  It is a mystery set in Tupelo Landings, North Carolina.

We continue to work on different grammar skills.  We are also working on differet AIR type questions. 

Mrs. Lockwood
Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year!
I was very impressed by the Instrument Projects that were presented by students during this 3rd quarter. This is a very creative class that really shined through in these projects! Thank you to the families for supporting your students through this project! We made some big growth :) We have less than weeks left of this grading period, let's keep pushing through with our best efforts!
We have begun our Light Unit. Students have turned in their first 3 vocabulary foldables for light and have received their last vocabulary foldable for light last week. The 4th light vocabulary foldable is due this week! We are doing many in-class experiments and hands-on activities so it is very important to be present during this. It is difficult to make this work up outside of class.
The current standards we are covering are:  
Light and sound are forms of energy that behave in predictable ways.
Students have received their new Light books. I have collected the Sound Books. Students have turned in their 2 previous science books (Space and Technology AND Interactions Among Living Things). We will be using the Light books until the beginning of March. 
Upcoming Dates:
A day students:
          March 4:  - Light Station Packet due (Light Ch. 5 + 6 Outline paper on front)
                              - Light Vocabulary Foldable #4 is due
          March 6:  - Light Ch. 9 Outline due
B day students: 
          March 5: - Light Station Packet due (Light Ch. 5 + 6 Outline paper on front)
                              - Light Vocabulary Foldable #4 is due
        March 6:  - Light Ch. 9 Outline due  
Please check your student's planner nightly for homework assignments. 
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 Invasive Species Matching Game
 If you have any questions, comments or concerns please don't hesitate to contact me!

Mrs. Tassone Week of March 9

We will be starting unit 7.  The beginning of unit 7 we are multiplying mixed numbers and dividing fraction by finding common denominators.  Please don't have your children using the reciprocal for dividing fractions.  We will then go into different types of graphs such as line plots, bar graphs, and line graphs.  The end of the unit will focus on triangles and quadrilaterals.

Students have been given their log on for the everyday math program.  IT is stapled to the front of the planners. 

Students should be practicing their math facts everyday at home. 

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